Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prayer Issue #5: Mandatory Civil Service

This, in my opinion, is perhaps the scariest idea to have come out of the mouth of our new president-elect and his chief of staff. Watch the following video:

This is not the first time a civilian army has been proposed. The German Schutzstaffel, more popularly known as the "SS" during WWII, began as a small paramilitary unit, but became an elite force under Adolf Hitler. While serving in this civilian militia, young men were brainwashed to consider Jews and Christians as the enemy and were used to round up all those opposed to Hitler's ruling tactics.

According to Obama and Emanuel, this mandatory civil service would be a three-month commitment. What would they teach during these three months? Who would be the enemy? This just doesn't sound good. Pray that Americans would not be historically-illiterate to how these things begin. And pray that President-elect Obama would see that something like this, in the wrong hands, could be devastating to our freedoms as Americans.


Anonymous said...

I agree that in the wrong hands this can be something sinister, but on the other hand it could be a positive thing in the right hands. I see so many lost young people with no direction. This can help them to see that they can be a part of society and make a contribution. Rahm Emanuel served in the Israeli army where it is mandatory that everyone serve including women. This is probably where his idea came from. We have to pray that Godly men and woman implement this program so that it will be a blessing to our society rather than a harm to it.

Purple Empire said...

My issue is not so much Obama's and Emanuel's good intentions behind it, but rather if this program continues past them, what harm could be done in the wrong hands.

Anonymous said...

I agree, that is why I have mixed feelings about it.