Monday, November 17, 2008

Barack of Tarsus?

In the opening months of 2008, Christian prophet Kim Clement prophesied that this next president would undergo a dramatic Damascus experience, would call out to the Lord, and God would bring revival.
Then, Pastor Ray Cummings, with whom I work, had a dream in October about Obama becoming President and then becoming a born-again Christian.
Then, I received this email last week from one of my parishioners:
"Just to share with you a week before the election I was praying and seeking the Lord on who I should vote for. The Lord brought to my mind a dream I had a long time ago regarding Barack. In the dream Barack mentioned Jesus Christ as he was talking (in a good way). A week before the election I had my intention of voting for John McCain. Then something happened that caused me to pray. While I was praying that week the Lord showed me Saul changed into Paul, the ex-prostitute that annointed Jesus' feet, Moses, David Berkowitz, and also myself before I came to the Lord and so on. He said, 'Do I not love Barack Obama just as I do John McCain? My glory would be revealed through this election. God said let there be light and there was light!' It hit me hard because God is not a respecter of persons and that He can change the heart of man. Is there anything too difficult for me says the Lord?"
When God gives prophecies like this, He desires us to pray it into existence. Now more than ever is the time for God's Church to step up and pray for our new president.


Anonymous said...

I voted for McCain because of his pro life position but after Barack won I felt strangely warm towards him and tears came into my eyes as he was speaking the night he was elected. I believe that he already has brought much healing to this country; especially to African-Americans who have suffered rejection from society for so many years. Since then, I have been praying every day for Obama. There is a website called the Presidential Prayer Team that is holding 77 days of prayer for the President elect. " is the link to the web page. The messages at my church on Sunday were to pray for Obama and that God is in control regardless of who is in office.

Purple Empire said...

Amen, Brother. He has inherited the most difficult and stressful job on earth; he needs our prayers daily.