Monday, July 28, 2008

Such Rich History...for what?!!

This past week, my family, my mother, father, and little brother went to Boston, MA. We went with the express purpose of walking the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is about a 90 minute walk to see almost 40 historical sites including Paul Revere's home, Sam Adams's and John Hancock's graves, the site of the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, etc.

Ordinarily, because I'm an American History buff (translation: nerd), this would excite me beyond belief. But, to be real truthful with you, it had largely the opposite effect on me. Why? Because I consider that there is a real chance that, come 2009, we could have a legislative branch and an executive branch (and therefore also a judicial branch) that all know our rich history but want to change all that.

Many politicians who fall on the liberal side of the political spectrum believe in what is called a "Living Constitution". In other words, the Constitution of the United States was okay when it was written, but it should be constantly evolving to become something better. And by "better", many of these men and women unfortunately mean things like becoming more socialistic, having a bigger government, increasing taxes, and enacting socially liberal policies such gay marriage and abortion on demand. None of these things are covered in our constitution--in fact, many of them are spoken directly against in our constitution (ie bigger government, high taxes, etc)--so, if one desires them, he/she will have to help it to evolve.

I realize that our founders were sinful human beings just like the rest of us, but I am foolish enough to believe that these brilliant men understood principles of government that have worked (and flourished) for over 230 years! While, in the same amount of time, other countries like France have gone through multiple constitutions trying to find one that works, our brilliant founders and the God they worshipped created one that transcends time. We had better think twice before we go changing and evolving our constitution; it's pretty special just the way it is.


paula said...

I coulnt agree more, it is pretty scarry where this country is heading.

Brian said...

What todays leaders and secular historians are doing to our Nations Christian heritage is criminal. Obama's quote that "We are no longer a Christian Nation..." is very sad. This alone should wake up our country, but sadly, there has been no out cry and repentance seems out of the question. God has a plan though, and we need to trust Him and stay near and true. Being prepared spiritually for Jesus coming would be our course of action as well as prayer for repentance and revival.