Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moss back to Minnesota?!!

And I thought Brett Favre to Minnesota was amazing, but bringing back in my opinion the most talented receiver that the NFL has ever seen....this is almost too much. Please, someone, hand me a tissue....


According to, the Patriots are in talks about dealing Moss to the Minnesota Vikings. At this point, they might as well ship him out since this is probably too far down the line, and too public, for Moss to ever return.

No one knows what the Vikings are offering but unless it’s the injured Sidney Rice (and it isn’t) New England isn’t getting fair on-field value. Based on Minnesota opening a spot on its roster Tuesday, draft picks are more likely.

It never hurts to load up on those but New England is already stocked – including two first-rounders in 2011. Besides, no draft pick is going to give Wes Welker room to work this season.

Based on conventional football opinion, the Patriots can’t possibly be a better offense without Randy Moss, who is still a serious deep threat.

So there has to be more. Yes, Moss is in the final year of his contract and has said if he isn’t offered an in-season extension he’ll leave the franchise in February. Trading Moss now allows the Patriots to get some value on a receiver they are likely to lose anyway.

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