Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Were you by chance one of the 30 million?


It’s no wonder Favre won the NFC Offensive P.O.W. honor, because just about the entire football world was watching. After setting an all-time cable record for viewership of an NFL game in the their meeting on Monday Night Football on ESPN, the numbers for Sunday’s game were even more massive by comparison. The 30 million people that watched the game made it the second-most watched game in the history of FOX NFL broadcasts – trailing only the 32.1 million drawn by the Cowboys-49ers meeting in November 1995. How big was it? It drew the most viewers on any network since the Academy Awards in February. The prime-time portion of the game (after 6 p.m. local time) drew 39 million viewers and a whopping 37 share of the TVs in use. By comparison, Game 4 of the World Series in prime time drew 23.3 million viewers and a 22 share.

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