Sunday, November 9, 2008

Before I continue...

...the series, it was pointed out to me that I didn't acknowledge the significance of Obama being the first African-American president-elect in our nation's history. This indeed is a very significant event in the life of our country, and I rejoice in this event if it brings us that much closer to putting an end to the heinous and inexplicable evil of racism in the United States of America.
There were those on both the left and the right leading up to the election who tried to make this election about color. I for one never saw it that way. I could care less if the president is a man, woman, anglo-saxon, African-American, Oriental-American, etc. It has always been about the moral issues in candidates' platforms. This is why I haven't, until this point, written on this issue.
As I've said before, I have already begun to pray for our next president, and, in spite of our differences of opinion on many moral issues, I wish him all the best. I congratulate him on his historic win. May our God bless you, President-elect Obama.

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