Monday, August 18, 2008

The Need for Refreshing

This past week, my wife Katherine and I flew down to Daytona Beach, Florida to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. Oma and Opa Krumm (Katherine's parents) came up to watch the children.

We had such a tremendous time...and it was needed. No matter how good of a relationship one might have with one's spouse, a periodic time of refreshing and renewing is absolutely essential. With the busyness of life, both husband and wife begin to live parallel lives instead of intertwined lives. God created marriage so that the "two will become one", not that the two would continue being two, just a little nearer in proximity to one another.

The smallest church is two Christian people since Jesus said, "Wherever two or three of you are gathered together in my Name, there I am in the midst of you." So, since that is true, satan is going to aim his arrows at this small church.

So, how can we be on our guard against him? Quite simply, by maintaining that oneness. And I found out last week that one of the ways to do that is to have a time of refreshing.


eric said...

Hey buddy! You're always so good about commenting at my blog. Thank you. =)

So true. A married husband and wife is the smallest church. Thanks again for sharing your time of refreshment with us! Looking forward to the next adventure with you and K...

Brian said...

So glad you had a time to refresh and renew. Sometimes we overlook the ones we love the most. Thank God for loving wives, of which we were both blessed. I thank God everyday for Martha, and continue to pray for Katherine and your marriage. Miss you man.

Kerith Collins said...

I can't believe it has already been 10 years...congrats...and i must go and add your blog to my blog!