Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm becoming a Bill Musgrave fan

from: http://min.scout.com/2/1100746.html

Two days before each preseason game so far, Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave has held a meeting with his quarterbacks to discuss the game plan for the upcoming opponent.

The Vikings’ playbook is divided into sections, most based on down and distance.

“He gives us a game plan of what we’re going to run and we basically get to choose our top two plays from each section: third-and-2 to 5, third-and-6 to 10, stuff like that,” rookie Christian Ponder said on Monday. “So we choose what we want to do and those are the things we’re going to run when we get in there. So it’s great that we have input.”

Musgrave doesn’t stop with the quarterbacks. He talks to the receivers about the routes they run, the running backs about the holes they like to hit, following through on a vow from early in training camp that he was going to tailor his new offense to the players rather than make the players adapt to a specific system.

“I appreciate the flexibility of coaches taking in what players are sugge

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