Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Does anyone else feel like they're living in a parallel universe all of a sudden???

It occurred to me...

1. ...we have a Democratic president leading a coalition into a Middle Eastern country.

2. ...we have Republicans largely agreeing with Obama, while many Democrats are adamantly disagreeing with him.

3. ...and I am on the side of the opponents saying, "We have no right or business to be there."

I feel like I woke up last week in an upside-down world. What happened???


history27 said...

The Truman administration established ties with Iran in 1945
He brought Turkey into Nato to establish a wall against the Soviet Union.
Truman administration recognized the state of Israel May 14, 1948

The Eisenhower administration sent troops to Lebanon to protect the Christian gov't of Lebanon 1958

Kennedy administration established a relationship with the state of Israel 1961

What is happening now is not surprising in any aspect if you follow the Middle East and understand the history of the area.

Purple Empire said...

Democrats today are not like the Democrats of yesteryear. There are very few Kennedy Democrats left. The middle in both parties is disappearing.

history27 said...

Obama is not the first American president to engage in the affairs of the Middle East. Eisenhower, a Republican, sent troops to prevent the fall of the Lebanese gov't. The Republican party of that time was not happy with the actions of the president. The Republican party had members who were isolationits and wanted nothing to do with world affairs. Its not a matter of democrat or republican, rather, it is based on a philosophy about democracy and the role of the US in the world.

The past thirty years has seen a move to the extremes both left and right. At the same time the media decided to give up the practice of journalism. Journalism today has been replaced with partisanship and ideology. Fox news for those of the far right persuasion and MSNBC for those on the left. Natural disaster, economic collapse, and war tend to awaken people. Whether either side likes it or not the coming election will be decided by independents or people of the political center. Hopefully they are wise in their choice.

Purple Empire said...

Amen, brother. I agree.