Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What should I eat? Ask Obama!

It just seems like it keeps coming. This president is the most radical big government proponent we have EVER seen. Regulate, regulate, regulate.
As I've said before: when you take Jesus out of society, what you are left with is either 1) anarchy and a moralless society where acts of immorality are rampant, or 2) a completely regulated, law-filled land that tells moralless people how they are to live (and die). Our current president is strongly in favor of #2. The ONLY answer is Jesus (as He's always been).


The online Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders says "behavior modification," a controversial psychological treatment, can be accomplished through positive reinforcement or "punishment" – and now President Obama has signed an executive order specifying the treatment for all Americans, to be prescribed by government bureaucrats.
Obama's order appoints members to a new government committee set up by the Democrats' new health law that will evaluate, make recommendations about and establish rules for everything from how people exercise to whether they smoke to the food they eat and the medicines they use. And it specifically requires the committee list the priorities for "lifestyle behavior modification" that the government will pursue.
The encyclopedia report describes "punishment" as "the application of an aversive or unpleasant stimulus in reaction to a particular behavior." Two experts who reviewed the president's June 10 executive order establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council say the plan easily could encompass exactly that.
Herb Titus, a veteran constitutional expert and lawyer, told WND, "The council is designed to basically implement future policy that ultimately everything will be governed by federal authorities, from food to dietary supplements to vitamins."

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