Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This was written by one of my Members

"Stop, Drop, & Roll"

When a person finds oneself on fire, there is a fire safety rule that you should follow. That is to stop whatever you are doing and drop to the ground--as long as you are not standing in a pool of gas--and roll around to help put out the fire.
This all sounds normal to a person who is not on fire. But let's take a moment and imagine that I have just found myself engulfed in flames and it has begun to hurt a lot. I am now noy normal and I find myself running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
Now you might be thinking, "Why are you talking about this type of event?"
Let's say you are a person who has just found out that you are in big trouble. It is not important what kind of trouble you are in, just that you need help to get you out of this jam. The Bible tells us that God is more than ready to take us by the hand and come to our aid. The worst thing we could ever do is run away from God at this time. That is like running while your pants on are fire.
When trouble has you in its crazy grip, stop for a moment and drop to your knees in prayer. Let the Holy Spirit come over you like a fire fighter with a blanket that He rolls you up in to put out the flames. Jesus will calm your soul and free your mind of trials and temptations and cool a very hot situation.
So, don't go crazy; Go to God.

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