Sunday, April 25, 2010

Obama visits Billy Graham

Here's hoping that Billy had an effect on our president...


MONTREAT, N.C. -- President Obama made a pilgrimage Sunday to Billy Graham's mountainside home, concluding his North Carolina vacation with his first meeting with the ailing evangelist who has counseled commanders in chief since Dwight Eisenhower.
The 48-year-old president made the short drive to Montreat from Asheville, where he spent the weekend, to see the 91-year-old Graham and son Franklin, also an evangelist.
During the visit, which lasted about 30 minutes, Obama had a private prayer and conversation with Billy Graham. "He is extraordinarily gratified that he took the time to meet with him," White House spokesman Bill Burton said.


history27 said...

Billy Graham has always kept his political views seperate from his religous views. He has been an excellent example to the Christian community on how to conduct yourself. Here's hoping Billy Graham has an effect on the Christian community.

Purple Empire said...

I honestly don't know why you continue to read my blog. I get the feeling that we are never going to see eye to eye. Let's agree to disagree. God bless you!