Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Blinds Us to the Truth

I read this article this morning and thought it was well-put. Satan has a multi-faceted approach to his lies and deceit.

from: http://thethings2come.org/

A List of Lies
This morning I was thinking about all the things that blind humans to the truth. This is just the start of what will likely be a longer list ultimately. I hope to add more as the days go by and they bubble to the surface of my conscious mind. Satan loves to distract us and send delusions that make us think we are interacting with the truth when in reality they offer just enough philosophical mumbo jumbo to make us think we have latched on to some answers but only those that keep us dwelling numbly in our chosen comfort zones. They not only keep us from the knowledge of our sin but they invite us to comfort our pathetic and perishing souls with the notion that we at least believe in something. Whether they are true or not doesn’t seem to matter. Special.

1. Psychology.This humanistic philosophy pretends to offer answers to all of our problems when in fact it is simply making things up as it goes. Psychology is a blatant counterfeit to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. A psychologist cannot truly see into our hearts, only God can. Therefore, a psychologist cannot diagnose our ills. Period. How in the world could a pop science take the place of God’s cleansing power? And yet this is what people, including Christians choose to believe.

Psychology teaches us to blame our problems on others’ actions or a lack of pharmaceuticals in our lives. God says our problems are spiritual and we are to be filled with the Spirit of God, not the latest fad drug. Psychology exists to keep our minds on ourselves all through the day and night; the bible says we are to focus on the finished work of Christ and our home in heaven. Psychology makes us impatient and demanding of life, that we must find answers to everything right now; the process of sanctification in Christ takes a lifetime. Forgiveness comes only by repenting of our sins and trusting Jesus. Christians everywhere are tainted and poisoned by the cult of psychology and think it is a medical science, when the truth is there are no tests for brain issues, you can’t just get a CAT scan and see a brain problem like you can obtain from a genuine disease. No matter, the notion of the reality of disease is negotiable. Reality check: these pseudo-scientist/doctors are just guessing. Christians should run for their lives from anything psychological and see it for what it is – a ruse of the enemy, a vain philosophy of men.

2. Political Correctness. The Fort Hood tragedy is a prime example of this. No one is calling this a home grown terrorist attack in America because no one wants to offend anyone. Is this justice in any way? How will this serve the victims? Political correctness in this or any other area covers for the truth, keeping us from observing, naming, and protecting ourselves from the enemy in our midst. Many will die and suffer because of this cover up of the truth. The reason they give for the shooter’s actions? He was “mentally ill”. So there are lies #1 AND #2 in action here. Question: are our troops who are fighting terrorism all over the globe simply fighting random cases of “mental illness”? The idiocy is confounding.

3. Global Warming. Here we have people who would never claim to believe in anything they cannot see trusting in the “hard facts” of science to guide their every purchase and philosophy. It would never occur to them that GW is a religion but that is exactly what it is, and to put one’s faith in the temperature of the planet which is unmeasurable at any given time is the height of absurdity. The planet does not have a fever but the faith it takes to believe that is way beyond anything the Bible presents. Such foolishness I cannot comprehend.

4. Evolution. Another in a growing list of things that take such great faith that one has to wonder how anyone can claim it is not a religion. The enemy is truly working overtime to convince humans that there is no God, He has no claims on our lives, and that there was nothing then it blew up. Of course, if you ask today’s savvy consumer if someone created their iPod, their PC, or their hybrid auto, they will look at you and say, ‘of course’. But something as complex as the universe, not so much. Today’s fleshly natured souls are so distracted by what they can see that they completely discount what they can’t. Unless it is Lie #3.
Go Figure.

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