Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am deeply, deeply hurt...

I didn't get a call from the Prez...


If President Obama has his way, you'll soon be hearing about his health care package when you go to your church or synagogue to pray.
Thousands of religious leaders got a call from on high Wednesday when Obama reached out to Jewish and Christian clergy, urging them to push health care reform from the pulpit.
Obama spoke to about 140,000 people of faith in a conference call and webcast Wednesday evening. He and a White House official discussed the moral dimension of health care, telling the mostly Christian audience that "this debate over health care goes to the heart of who we are as a people."
But earlier that day, Obama went much further, asking about 1,000 rabbis to preach his political agenda in their sermons on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year -- one of the holiest days of the year.

My question is this: Whatever happened to "the separation of church and state"? Where's the uproar?!! Oh, that's right: that only applies to those who are CONSERVATIVE Christians who believe in traditional, Judeo-Christian values.

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