Monday, July 20, 2009

And they call US "the Great Satan"?!!


TEHRAN, Iran — Members of Iran's feared Basij militia forcibly marry female virgin prisoners the night before scheduled executions, raping their new "wives" and making it religiously acceptable to execute them, a self-professed member of the paramilitary group said.
The anonymous militiaman told the Jerusalem Post that at age 18 he was "given the 'honor' to temporarily marry young girls before they were sentenced to death."
In the Islamic Republic of Iran it is illegal to execute a woman if she is a virgin, the former guard told the newspaper. So the government arranges "wedding" ceremonies to be conducted the night before executions, and prisoners are forced to have sexual intercourse with a guard.

We're going to have to wake up quickly in order to survive. These are the people our president is trying to "talk to". Ladies, if you don't want to wake up some day soon and find that this Sharia law is the law or our land, you'd better speak up and make your every vote count.

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