Sunday, March 8, 2009

Since many of my readers come to read about Bruce Van Natta...

...I'm starting a new blog series on this extraordinary (and yet everyday!) gentleman.

This is my experience on the day of his accident in 2006.

My wife, children, and I were driving from our home in Walden, NY, to a place in Connecticut to meet a friend. About half-way there, I, all of a sudden, doubled over in pain across my abdomen. It was so bad, I felt like I couldn't drive for a while. And then, as soon as it came, it seemed to leave again.
After we arrived at the restaurant where we met our friend, we got word from another friend that Bruce had been in a terrible accident. We all joined in a circle right in the center of the mall and prayed for God to spare him.
That night, we learned more details concerning the accident. An 18-wheeler cab had been jacked-up, and while Bruce was partially underneath, it had fallen off the jack. This had practically cut Bruce in half! As we prayed that night, the thought came to me, "I wonder if this is how God is going to sell Bruce's book."
Over the past year, Bruce had been writing a book that I had just proofread for him on how God speaks to everyday, ordinary people. But, both of us were wondering how God was going to get the book published. I was fearful now that God had planned before eternity for Bruce to write the book and then die a very tragic and public death to market His message.
To my absolute delight and amazement, God had a much more incredible way of getting the book published that involved Bruce miraculously surviving, getting healed, seeing angels, etc.
If you want to read the full story, you can order his book at If you want to see a great reenactment of the accident and subsequent miracles, you can watch it at
Oh, and by the way, Bruce and I later established that my doubling-over pain in my abdomen was at the precise time the truck landed on him. Simply amazing! I'll share more personal stories in the coming days. God bless you!

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Joy in the Journey said...

Dear Pastor Ryan~~

I had never read nor heard about your doubling over in abdominal pain at the precise time of Bruce's accident. Thank you for sharing that information. :D

Lisa K.
Wausau, WI