Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aliens = Demons? Interesting Story


Joe Jordan is a member of the Mutual UFO Network, an organization devoted to the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon. As state section director for Brevard County, Florida, it is Jordan's job to investigate the many UFO sightings that are reported by the public. But after deciding that UFO sightings were offering little conclusive proof of the existence of extra-terrestrial life, Jordan decided to set up his own organization that would investigate reports of those who claimed to be in contact with the beings that were behind the sightings. Jordan himself was an agnostic who was involved in the New Age movement. But a co-worker that he hired to interview female abductees told him that if he was going to get involved in this field of ufology he would need special protection from the dark forces they would be dealing with. Jordan was initially sceptical that the Bible could have anything to say when it came to the UFO phenomenon, but upon seeing the protection God had to offer the believer, he accepted Christ as his Saviour. Not only is Jordan investigating reports of alien abductions, but has discovered that there is a very real spiritual element to them which is being totally ignored by the scientific community. Many of the people that he has interviewed have reported having abduction experiences. But what Jordan has now discovered is that some of these experiences have been immediately halted while in progress by abductees who have invoked the name of Jesus Christ.

Quote: "One of those cases was six months old, a guy named Bill who was interviewed on video in his living room during a two-hour session. "It was like, originally, we never heard what he said," Jordan said. "It starts out as a typical experience. He saw something from his living room window. He went to sleep and had an abduction experience. But during that experience, being terrified, he cried out – 'Jesus, help me' And the experience instantly stopped. He woke up in bed next to his wife." Jordan wondered why this piece of the story where the abductee invokes the name of Jesus Christ did not stand out before. "If this is real," he said. "This is huge."

Jordan's CE4 website is filled with similar testimonies of people who have experienced abduction attempts and have managed to halt them after calling on the name of Jesus Christ. As Jordan points out, if these beings are indeed extra-terrestrial in origin, there is no reason why they should respond to the name of Jesus Christ. But the fact that they are subservient to that name, and not Buddha or Mohammed, suggests that these aliens are spiritual entities whose ultimate aim is to deceive mankind. The CE4 website quotes from several Christian authors who believe that this demonic deception will form part of the end time delusion.

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