Thursday, January 1, 2009

All the Makings?!!

Last week leading up to the Vikings/Giants game, I thought to myself, "This has all the makings of a typical Vikings year." Every year the same thing is said: So much promise! And every year ends with: So much disappointment.
After having won 4 games in a row, all the Vikings needed to do was win against the Atlanta Falcons and they win the NFC North division and make the play-offs. They lose 17-24.

Now the stakes are high going into the last week of the season. If they win, they make the play-offs. If they lose, they stay home for the play-offs. And they were going up against the Super Bowl Champs. Yep, all the makings...
BUT THEY WON!!!! Only by one point, and at the buzzer, but...THEY WON!

Will this year be different? Or will this year just be one more game than usual, culminating with a first-round play-off implosion. Tune in at 4:30pm est on Sunday to find out!

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