Monday, December 1, 2008

Who Whudda Thunk It?!!

Thanks to a number of big plays like this 99-yard Touchdown Pass and Run, the Vikings are in sole possession of 1st place in the NFC North at a record of 7-5!

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Joy in the Journey said...

Good morning~~

After the "Williams Wall" was suspended for the rest of the year yesterday (and then subsequently pu t on hold by some liberal judge), I would love to know your thoughts about the personal responsibility of NFL players and what they put into their bodies.

At one time, these players that were suspended handed over their trust to someone else other than themselves. For examples, the trainer they use for conditioning, the NFL Players Association (a union).

Personal responsibility has slowly left us.

Just because the manufacturer didn't place all of the ingredients on the label of their product, the responsibility of the player to know exactly what is in that product is still there.

The NFL players have been entrusted with such a privilege of playing. I have such a hard time understanding why one would take any, any risk to a career that averages only four years.

Plaxico, are you listening?