Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Miracles to Share

I promised a number of weeks ago that I would share with you whenever our God did miracles in my life or in the lives of those around me.

Every month, our church has a healing service. People from the community come with many issues--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual--and we simply pray for them. Many times we get people with physical ailments of all sorts. Last week's healing service was no exception. And the testimonies are just starting to roll in.

A lady from our church came who had rods put in her back and she was in chronic pain all up and down her back. By the next day, she had no pain! Praise God!!!

A lady came through our line who has cancer, and she also had just cut up her thumb really badly! The whole top digit had been skinned. We prayed for her and two days later, she showed us the cut. It was nothing but a little scab way at the top!

You might say, "Well, those weren't huge healings!" Well, they were to those two! As the testimonies come in, I'll let you know. God bless!

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