Sunday, October 12, 2008

Small Miracles

I've oftentimes told people, "As a pastor, I can talk about a thousand things from the Bible, but the question is, 'God, what do YOU want me to talk about?'" And so, previous to each sermon I preach, I spend a good amount of time seeking the Lord about the topic of His choice.

What we as preachers are privileged to see are the many confirmations that we heard God correctly. Below are what I consider to be divine confirmations from the past two weekends.

I had sensed that God had wanted me to preach on abortion on September 21. But half-way through the week leading up to that day, I sensed God was saying, "Yes, but not now." Instead, after seeking the Lord again, I preached on unforgiveness. After 8:00 service, a woman walked up to me with tears running down her face and said, "My husband and I just had that exact conversation last night over dinner. God is speaking to us."

The next time I was preaching was Oct. 5. Little did I know in mid-September that Oct. 5 was also the pro-life "Life Chain". Also, 4 days before the day I was to give the abortion sermon, I talked with a woman on the phone who told me that she had had an abortion.

Then, this morning, Pastor Ray preached on anger management. The men's Bible study leader was floored having heard the sermon because he as well had prepared to talk with the men about anger management. On her way into service this morning, a lady asked if she, her son, and I could get together for counseling this week sometime because he has "unresolved anger with his father". And Pastor Ray shared with me that, after he had the sermon pretty much finished at the end of the week leading up to this weekend, another lady at our church told him, "You know what we need to hear a sermon about? Anger management!"

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