Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Question of the Day

"A poll was recently conducted from Sept. 24 to Oct. 3 for the Knights of Columbus, a 1.7 million-member Catholic men's society formed to provide mutual aid to its members and families, by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion., and here were its findings:
The poll surveyed 1,733 Americans from across the nation, 1,503 of whom are registered voters and 813 of whom are Roman Catholics.
The results on the issue of abortion were particularly unexpected:
Only 8 percent of those polled believed abortion should be available to a woman at any time in her pregnancy
Of the 50 percent who called themselves pro-choice, three-fifths said abortion should only be available in the first three months of pregnancy
71 percent of registered voters said they would support a candidate who maintains that life begins at conception
71 percent of those calling themselves pro-choice said they would approve of significant limits to abortion access beyond our nation's current laws on abortion
84 percent of the total believes abortion should be significantly restricted, favoring a variety of limits, from permitting the procedure only in the first three months of pregnancy, to only in the case of rape or incest, to not at all."

My Question is this: if this poll is an accurate representation of what people really believe concerning abortion, then why are so many so willing to vote for a pro-abortion president? Either this is NOT an accurate picture of what people believe or--far worse than that--many people believe abortion is wrong, but have decided to vote their pocketbooks instead of morally.

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