Friday, October 3, 2008

Closed Poll #2

What a nutty picture. I put "closed poll" into google, and this is what I got. Oh well...

Poll #2 that closed recently read: "If you had to vote for president today, for whom would you vote?"

27 people voted and a whopping 66% of them (18) said they'd vote for McCain. This is compared to 6 for Obama, 3 for Baldwin (Constitutional Party) and a goose egg for Ralph Nader.

In the words of every good Lutheran: "What does this mean?"

Well, first of all it means that my readers are largely conservatives. But not all; 22% said they'd vote Obama if today was November 4.

Baldwin received a surprising 3 votes (half of what Obama got). Or, maybe it WASN'T so surprising. With people increasingly saying they are fed up with politics as usual, I wonder how many are googling "third party candidates" and doing their research outside of elephants and donkeys.

As for King Ralph (0%), I guess this means the reign is officially over.

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