Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh, those terrible, terrible words...

Two years ago, I was haunted by these words concerning ex-Vikings QB Brad Johnson, "He won't win games for you, but he won't lose them either." WHAT?!! I don't know if this was meant to be a compliment or what, but the way it ended up was Brad did absolutely nothing!

Now, fast-forward to this year: Tarvaris Jackson, our young, inexperienced, inconsistent, but star-quality QB, is benched for long-time journeyman Gus Frerotte. And what do you think analysts are saying of our new field general? Yep, you guessed it: "He won't win any games for you, but he won't lose any either." UGH! I hate to say it, but if Gus ends up being like Brad from a couple of years ago, you can stick a fork in us because we're done.

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eric said...

Hey buddy, ye have little faith. Look at it this way, Tarvaris wasn't going to win us any games either, but he certainly was losing them for us. I don't know why he got all gun-shy when the season started, but it isn't what makes an NFL QB.

Now, at least Gus won't lose any for us, which IS better than TJ. We have plenty of playmakers, but they need someone who can get them the ball. Plus, I think ol' Gus still has some zip in his throws. Plus, he's 6' 3", so he at least look over the O-line! =) 6