Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lessons I've learned from Sept 11

#1: The depth of our sin is simply staggering. Human beings, marred as we are by sin, are capable of the most heinous evils.

#2: Since a nation is blessed whose God is the Lord, it is imperative that our nation's Christians be praying for our nation to embrace the one true God once again.

#3: We are not promised tomorrow; this may be your or my last day on this earth. Do not wait until tomorrow to embrace Jesus Christ and His free gift of the Forgiveness of your Sins.

#4: Do not let the sun go down on your anger; you may have many days to come, but maybe the person at whom you are mad does not.

#5: God didn't cause Sept 11, 2001, but I believe He wanted to use it to bring us to Himself. For a few weeks, we did just that; churches filled up and prayers were lifted to God. And then...

I pray we don't need another reminder that we need Him.

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