Wednesday, July 9, 2008

From Whence We Came: it's not the issue!

About 5 years ago, my buddy Eric ( introduced me to David Barton's ministry "Wallbuilders". This is a ministry dedicated to teaching the generations living today about the Christian foundations for our country. I read Barton's book "Original Intent" (highly recommended), and immediately I was taken! A year later, I traveled with my pregnant wife to Washington DC for a Pastors' Briefing on the history of our nation's capital. It was incredible!
After I arrived home, I couldn't wait to share with people what I had learned about our founding and our founders from original documents, architecture, etc. My thought was, "If only people can see for themselves on what our nation is built, they will wonder where we went wrong and want to return." Oh, how wrong I was...
Presidential candidate Barack Obama recently made a comment about our nation no longer being a Christian nation. He knows our history; he didn't have to learn it from David Barton. This is not his issue. He just wants it to be different!
No offense to David Barton and his ministry that have done a whole lot of good, but I think we are missing the boat somewhere. I am finding that many people I run into lately are like Sen. Obama; they now know the truth of our Christian founding. They just don't want it to be like that ever again.
My solution is this: alongside Barton's ministry of educating on our past, we need to set up a nation-wide ministry to educate on WHY this was a good idea. We need to teach people that the direction in which we are heading leads to oblivion and we aren't the first ones to go this way. Check out your Roman history. We need to teach the masses that a nation based on the precepts of the Bible leads to political, social, and economic prosperity. In China, some estimates say that up to 20,000 people are giving their lives to Christ every day. Fifty years ago in India, that nation was .1% Christian. Today it hovers around 25%. I wonder what the two fastest growing and prosperous nations in the world today are? hmmm...
Anyway, what nationwide organization could arrange for these vital truths to be taught? I have one answer: the Church. The Bible is right: "Judgment begins with the House of God." We are called on as God's Church to be watchmen on the wall. We invite judgment our ourselves and our nation by our sins of commission (ex. clergy sex scandals, church financial scandals, etc), but we also invite judgment on our country with sins of omission. What's it going to take for the Church to stand up and do its job? It's going to take prayer warriors who are dedicated to praying for the great shaking and awakening of God's Church. I'm in; will you join me?

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